Morgantown Apartments for Rent
PO Box 691 • Morgantown • WV 26505


Arbors – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk to campus?
The downtown campus is a 10 minute walk away.

Is public transportation nearby?
Yes, you can use the Mountain Line Transit Authority. The bus stop is no more than 700 feet from the Arbors. Go to for more information and to download a mobile app for it use.

Are pets allowed?
You bet, we love pets. Please see the Rents and Fees Page that outlines the fees involved and includes a link to the Arbors Pet Agreement.

How do I get a garage space?
Garage spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. Please check the Availability Page to check current availability.

Is there parking available if I don’t have a garage space?
Yes, the parking lot offers ample parking for its residents and short term visitors. However, any vehicles without a proper permit will be towed, to make sure we keep the spaces open for our residents.

Who is responsible for utilities?
Each tenant is responsible for their own utilities. They can be set up by calling the following utility companies:

  • Electric: Mon Power- 800-686-0022
  • Gas: Dominion- 800-688-4673
  • Water/Sewer: Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) 304-292-8443

What if something breaks in my apartment?
Just e-mail us a maintenance request and we will get on it pronto & dispatch the proper repair personnel. We like to keep the Arbors in good working order.

What do I do with my garbage?
There are dumpsters nearby on site.

Where do I get my mail?
There are mailboxes on site. Just visit the post office at 40 High Street to get your key.

How do I pay my rent?
Rent can be payed in a few different ways.

  • Mail: checks or money orders can be mailed to:
       Arbors on Stewart, LLC
       PO Box 691
       Morgantown, WV 26505
  • Credit card: go to the pay rent page on this web site and securely pay our rent online.
  • Automatic Withdraw: Contact us to set up monthly ACH payments made.

How many people can live in each unit?
The apartments are designed for and work best for 2 people. If a third roommate is being considered, please see the rent/fees page for more information. Also note that there is only parking available for 2 cars per unit.

Can I sub-let my apartment?
Sub-letting is not allowed without prior written permission from the management.